Rope Access Benefits

When faced with an urgent issue at your facility, you want a cost effective, safe and efficient solution.

Unfortunately, the traditional solution – scaffolding / cradles – just doesn’t stack up.

Scaffolding is:
  • Expensive can be dangerous to operate and intrusive to the access and egress of plant operations and can lead to delays in your inspection – repair project cycles.
Cradle is:
  • Large investment required for purchasing and installation Relatively large roof space required to house the unit when stationary Limited options for retro-fit Certification required after repositioning Four compliance visits and one full service required annually High maintenance costs Risk of electrical break down

Sticking with traditional methods because it’s more comfortable than trying something new - can leave you feeling stuck. But you shouldn’t have to be stuck with scaffolding / cradles when there are more modern solutions that overcome many of its limitations.

However, when a new method can lead to significant cost savings, safer operations and improved efficiencies to your building maintenance, painting programs and inspection-repair project cycles, why not give it a try?

Height Riders is recognizsed by operations and maintenance managers within the construction, facilities maintenance, marine and oil & gas as the Provider of Choice for safe, cost effective alternatives to scaffolding / cradles using rope access.

Height Riders personnel are specialised multi-disciplined dedicated proffessionals. Rope Access teams provide cost effective solutions and with reduced size teams, causing minimal disruption to other operators and crews, with less exposure to risks.

In addition to Rope Access, Height Riders also provide a full suite of "Innovative Access Solutions"