NDT Services

Non-Destructive Testing is the branch of engineering concerned with all methods of detecting and evaluating flaws in materials. Flaws can affect the serviceability of the material or structure. The flaws may be cracks or inclusions in welds and castings, or variations in structural properties that can lead to loss of strength or failure in service. The essential feature of NDT is that the test process itself produces no deleterious effects on the material or structure under test

Conventional NDT Inspection Services

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is testing that is performed without destroying or impacting the integrity of the item tested. A diverse range of industries use NDT for detecting defects and irregularities and assessing safety in equipment and assets, and the growing need to utilise NDT is a result of companies looking to extend the asset life of their plant facilities in addition to adhering to increased regulation

Advanced non-destructive testing methods often require more advanced training and technician skill than traditional NDT inspections but offer a far greater insight into asset damages.

Advanced NDT inspection methods use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide quick, precise, and detailed asset integrity data. Using Advanced NDT, there’s a higher probability of flaw detection than with conventional NDT inspection methods. HRTS’s inspection services are performed by trained experts who are experienced in their correct application and operation. 1.1 Liquid Penetrant Testing: