Welding / Fabrication

The temporary decking system is an exceptional, quick and simple way of providing a temporary work environment that ensures efficiency and affordability. This system is apt for many types of work areas that include offshore uderdeck, helidecks, under deck of jetties, rail and road bridges, pipe racks, roof spaces etc. Every installation is perfectly engineered in accordance with the local environment of a project and the framework it is rigged from. Height Riders provide comprehensive solutions through an extremely developed and adaptable work environment that is apt for a wide range of situations. We bring to you a deck system that ensures a stable platform for implementing several tasks that can also be incorporated for minimizing any type of environmental impact.

This system complies with the PUWER 1998 guidelines as a temporary work platform. There is light weight at 14 kg, per m2 and the loading capacity ranges from 0.5 km to 5.5 km UDL. At Height Riders, the decking system is installed and monitored by rope access technicians who are qualified and trained as web deck installers.

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